D-Torch Demountable Torch

Glass Expansion pioneered the design of ceramic torches more than 25 years ago with the PT2000 demountable torch for the ARL Maxim ICP-OES. Since then we have provided ceramic versions of our PT2000 and ABC demountable torches for several ICP models.

Ceramic outer tubes are now available for the D-Torch. In general the ceramic outer tube has a much longer lifetime, greatly reducing interruptions and downtime due to torch failure. The ceramic outer tube is of particular benefit for:

a) the analysis of wear metals in engine oils, where quartz outer tubes often suffer from short lifetime.
b) Si determinations, where quartz outer tubes often produce high background signals.
c) fusion samples or samples with high levels of dissolved solids which cause quartz tubes to devitrefy.

Glass Expansion Fixed Quartz Torches

  • Precise quartz construction
  • Wide range held in stock
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Supported by Glass Expansion expertise

Semi Demountable Torches

Usually comprises a quartz torch body, a torch adaptor, an injector and GazFit connectors. All these parts are replaceable, making the semi demountable torch more cost effective than the fixed quartz torch. Essentially the design of the torch for standard analyses and HF analyses is the same, with the exception of the injector material. The torch for aqueous and organics analyses comes with a quartz injector, while the torch version for HF analyses comes with an alumina injector. Hence simply interchange between quartz and alumina injectors for appropriate analyses. Several internal diameters for both quartz and alumina injectors are also available.


Glass Expansion GazFit Connectors

Now there’s a better way to connect those pesky argon tubes. GazFit connectors provide reliable attachment of argon tubes without adhesion. Available to suit torches with 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm OD side arms.