Hand-held Instrument – RemScan

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RemScan® is a hand-held instrument for the rapid measurement of Soil Texture and TPH in soil. Spektris Metalab is a distributor for RemScan in Indonesia



RemScan is a unique instrument that measures TPH in soil. No other instrument provides the same level of accuracy, repeatability and ease of use for this application. RemScan is a leading technology which is patented worldwide.
• The instrument measures TPH (C10 – C36 or other ranges if required) in soils and gives a single output in mg/kg.
• Easy to standardise in the field – 1 minute background cap, 1 minute reference cap (both are inert materials so no need to carry calibration gases or hazardous chemicals).
• Soil readings in less than 30 seconds.
• Throughput – high rate of up to 120 measurements/hour can be achieved but typically about 60 measurements/hour.
• It makes a direct soil measurement – no solvent extraction of the soil is required.
• Minimal soil preparation required – requires a flat compacted soil face of around 10mm diameter (trowel and tamp normally sufficient) with an air dried surface.
• Measures the soil surface only – anywhere you can collect a soil sample, you can take a scan (including along soil cores).
• Truly portable and rugged – it is not a laboratory instrument.
• Intrinsic Safety – Not Intrinsically Safe (non-explosion proof).
• Operated through a purpose-designed user interface on a wireless Tablet.
• Battery life – 8 hours for Tablet and 4 hours per battery for instrument (comes with 3 batteries) for full day field usage.
• Data accessible as a .csv file
• Typical accuracy for clay or sandy soils:
• Detection limit typically 68 mg/kg TPH (at one standard deviation) for clay or sandy soils.
• Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C (32 to 120°F)
• Storage temperature: -25 to 75°C (-13 to 167°F)
• Humidity: 95% non-condensing
• Power Supply: 100-240V AC 47-63Hz