Our Thermometer Products

TM Zero


  • This is a temperature measuring device of molten metal by immersion method. It has auto peak holding and auto power off functions. The power source is a rechargeable battery.
  • It features shorter measuring time and lighter weight as compared with a past product TM-2500.
  • Measured data of up to 8,000 runs can be stored in the device.


Temperature measurement

  1. Measuring time is one half of a past product TM-2500, when light- thermo NK5N-300 series is used.
  2. Measured data of up to 8,000 runs can be stored in the device.
  3. Data can be transferred to computer by using a data logger.
  4. Power source is a rechargeable battery which can be replaced when necessary.
  5. The auto hold function enables measurement without individual bias by automatically recording the maximum value accompanied with a beep.
  6. The auto power off function enables unnecessary power loss of the battery.

TM – 2000

  • This device consists of conventional handy-type thermometer and communication system.
  • It transmits temperature data to the indicator or the printer through the cable.
  • The transmitter is the molten metal thermometer itself of which function is automatic peak hold and automatic power off.
  • The power source is a rechargeable batteries. Receivers are an indicator and a printer.
  • The indicator can be installed stationary or on a wall.
  • The printer is a stationary type which has calendar and a clock to print date and time of measurement together with temperature data.


Transmitter (Thermometer)

  1. The handy type thermometer designed lightweight and compact gives you easy measurement of molten metal temperature.
  2. Automatic peak hold function keeps maximum temperature during the measurement to provide objective data regardless of who takes measurements.
  3. Automatic power-off function prevents unintended exhaustion of electric power if the power switch is left on.
  4. The battery can be recharged with the help of a quick-charge circuit.
  5. Red LEDs are exceptionally large for such handy devices for easy reading.

Receiver (Indicator)

  1. The indicator is thin and large for easy reading.
  2. Power source is 100V AC only.

Receiver (Printer)

  1. Graphic letter is adopted for the printer.
  2. The calendar and clock function prints date and time with measurement data.
  3. Power source is 100V AC only.

TM 3000

TM – 3000

  • These Handy Themo models are rechargeable-battery powered themometers for measuring temperatures of molten metals,equipped with auto peak hold and auto power off functions.
  • The wireless themometer(TMW-3000) is Handy Themo(TM-3000) with built-in radio control function and transmits temperature data to the Display unit or to the Printer.
  • The Display unit can be set on the desktop or wall mounted, and displays multiple temperatures by selecting Channels(Och-3ch).
  • The Printer is a desktop-based printer and prints measured temperatures along with date and time.




  1. The handheld themometer’s lightweight compact design allows effortless measurements of molten metals.
  2. Auto peak hold with beep sound ensures displaying the max temperature without individual differences.
  3. Auto power off feature saves battery life when the unit is left on.
  4. When the battery on the main unit is low, simply replace it with a charged one.
  5. The internal fast charge circuitry allows batteries to be charged in a short time(1-1.5 hours)
  6. The temperature is shown on a large red LED display, quite large for handheld model.
  7. Continuous 25 hour operation or up to 1200 measurements(in theory)
  8. Types K,S,R,and B thermocouples(type R is standard) are available through prearrangement.
  9. Since radio frequency used in TMW-3000 is the same as that used in TMW-2000, the Display and Printer can be used without modifications after switching themometers.

Display unit (used only with wireless thermometer TMW-3000)

  1. Thin large display offers clear readouts.
  2. Requires a single power source of 100V AC.

Printer (used only with wireIess thermometer TMW-3000)

  1. Graphic fonts used for excellent readability.
  2. Prints date and time.
  3. Requires a single power source of 100V AC.