Why change to a Glass Expansion RF coil? RF Coil Installation Kits

• Regular replacement of corroded coils reduces the load on the RF generating system, extending the lifetime of the RF consumables.
• Changing corroded coils increases energy transfer, resulting in a more robust plasma and generally higher analytical line intensities.


Why change your RF coil?

• High Quality and consistent plating of our coils promotes an extended coil life.
• Each coil is supplied on a plastic former ensuing correct dimensions and easier installation.
• Each coil is supplied in a special protective container to ensure correct dimensions are maintained, and the coil arrives corrosion free.
• Re-usable alignment tools are available to ensure correct installation of the coil every time. Our easy to follow, Do-It-Yourself installation instructions saves you time.
• Correct alignment of RF coil with respect to torch body reduces devitrification on the outer tube.