Spektris Metalab, Analytical & Scientific Instruments Only

Established in 1988 as PT HILAB SCIENCETAMA, we are now known as PT.SPEKTRIS METALAB. Our company growing fast committed with strong mind and eforts to serve Indonesian customers with Sales & Service Analytical and Scientific equipments.

With the same team and management as before we are growing our business dedicated even more in elemental analysis and handle products from Thermo Scientific, SPEX, Glass Expansion, LGC, Nakamaya, Fluxana, Katanax, Buehler, Inston Ceast and Ziltek RemScan.

After sales support is our strength, combined with reputable manufacturer, specializing in elemental analysis, make our sales record in elemental analysis as one of the biggest in Indonesia. We supplied hundreds of spectrometers in various kind of industries such as metal industry, foundry, smelter, re-melter, automotive part, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, educational, polymer and petrochemical, environmental, contract laboratories, university/educational institute, government research center and etc.

Among them are the copper smelter in East Jawa, iron remelter in Cilegon, aluminium smelter in North Sumatera, cement plants in Cibinong and East Jawa, contract labs etc. We also supply spark emission spectrometer to most middle to high class foundries to make our market share is one the biggest.