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ARL easySpark

The ARL easySpark metal analyzer is designed to meet the challenges and demands of small-to medium-sized plants and laboratories in the metal industry that require high-quality, yet cost-effective OES analysis to produce parts for automotive, aviation, aerospace and consumer products, among other industries. The instrument features a unique multi-grating/CCD (charge-coupled device)-based optical system that delivers a high level of resolution.

Additional benefits of the Thermo Scientific ARL easySpark analyzer include:

  • The ability to accurately analyze all elements from trace to percentage level in any solid metal sample.
  • Revolutionary spark source and optic design for best performance in its category.
  • Intuitive easy Thermo Scientific™ OXSAS  analysis software for a fast learning curve and easy routine operations.
  • A robust and reliable construction that requires minimal maintenance.
  • Compliance with safety standards and quality regulations.
  • Simple design accessible to novice production operators and skilled laboratory staff alike.
  • Well suited for additional markets including metals recycling, academic and non-academic laboratories, and primary metals producers looking for an economic solution to analyze their metal products and materials for quality and process control or for a back-up instrument.
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ARL iSpark Plus

The ARL iSpark Plus Series is a high-performance OES spectrometer platform based on the best PMT (photomultiplier tube) optics. It features enhanced functionalities and other innovative technologies:

The ARL iSpark Plus version comes with

  • 15% faster analysis time compared to previous models
  • 30%longer maintenance intervals
  • Virtually no memory effect on major matrices
  • Improved stability


Additional features and benefits:

  • Unique PMT optics
  • Revolutionary digital spark generator
  • Innovative spark stand design
  • Superior analytical performance in terms of accuracy, precision, and limits of detection
  • Analytical versatility to address all metals markets, including primary metal producers, metals processors, foundries, contract labs and recyclers
  • True factory calibrations performed with best available reference materials
  • Ultra-fast, on-line analysis of non-metallic inclusions, including quantitative size determination in killed steels
  • Revolutionary intelliSource double CCS (current controlled source) for optimal analysis in every matrix
  • Advanced signal acquisition technologies and processing algorithms
  • Single Spark Acquisition with diffuse spark intensity removal algorithm to improve accuracy on PMTs
  • Smart argon management with argon saving modes
  • Automation solutions with ARL SMS products
  • Advanced technical/service support

Optical Emission Spectometry (OES)

Perform rapid elemental analysis of solid metallic samples with optical emission spectrometry using Arc/Spark excitation. This technique meets the most demanding analysis needs of the metals industry from production control to R&D, from incoming material inspection to scrap sorting.

Application Spotlight

Optical-Emission-SpectrometryIn the Optical Emission Spectroscopy technique, atoms in a sample are excited by energy that comes from a spark formed between sample and electrode.

The energy of the spark causes the electrons in the sample to emit light which is converted into a spectral pattern. By measuring the intensity of the peaks in this spectrum, Thermo OES analysers can produce qualitative and quantitative metal analysis of the material composition with uncompromising accuracy.