Our ICP-OES Products

iCAP™ 7200 ICP-OES

Provide entry level, cost-effective analysis for low sample thru-put requirements with the Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ 7200 ICP-OES.

Perfect analytical solutions for restricted budgets. 


iCAP™ 7400 ICP-OES Analyzer

 For regulatory compliance in a wide range of applications, the compact Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ 7400 ICP-OES Analyzer delivers superb performance with ease of use in its hardware and software. This versatile, powerful simultaneous spectrometer delivers broad analytical capabilities with stability and sensitivity plus a low cost of analysis. Ideal for laboratories that require full wavelength coverage for high sensitivity combined with minimal user set-up and maintenance.

iCAP™ 7600 ICP-OES Analyzer

 For the most demanding trace analysis challenges with high throughput, sensitivity and detection limits, the advanced, innovative Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ 7600 ICP-OES Analyzer delivers sample to plasma in the most efficient way for increased productivity. This powerful simultaneous spectrometer combines exceptional performance and long term stability with low gas consumption for cost-effective analyses to significantly boost the quality and quantity of your laboratory’s trace analysis. Our highest productivity ICP-OES analyzer offers with advanced, flexible accessory support, such as laser ablation.

Inductively Coupled Plasma – Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP – OES)

Our ICP-OES Spectrometers are small in size and big on performance, featuring advanced hardware design for excellent stability and analyte detection capability.

Product Spotlight

  • iCAP™ 7200 for entry level, cost-effective analysis with low sample thru-put requirements
  • iCAP™ 7400 for routine analysis requirements and mid-range sample thru-put
  • iCAP™ 7600 for the highest productivity and maximum sample thru-put requirements with advanced, flexible accessory support, such as laser ablation