ConeGuard Thread Protector

When cleaning cones which have a screw thread, it is important that the thread is not contacted by any corrosive solution. If the thread gets corroded, the cone may not seal correctly or it may bond to the base and be difficult to remove. And with Pt cones, the thread is likely to wear out before the Pt insert. The ConeGuard Thread Protector seals the thread and protects it from corrosion during the cleaning process.


Platinum Cones

The cleaning procedures outlined above can be used for platinum cones as well as nickel cones. Since platinum is more chemically resistant than nickel, platinum cones can usually be used for longer before they need cleaning. Platinum cones consist of a platinum insert in a nickel or copper base, so aggressive cleaning solutions still need to be avoided as they may attack the base. Platinum cones also run hotter, which helps slow deposition. The lifetime of a platinum cone is typically much longer than that of a nickel cone, and can be further extended by refurbishment.

Note that, if the orifice is worn to the extent that the diameter is outside specification, or if the tip is badly damaged, the cone may not be able to be refurbished. In this case, we will give a credit for the value of the platinum.